I discovered my passion for Surface Pattern Design at fashion school in Italy. It is the perfect practice for me where I can make art that celebrates a second life on products that you can use!

Surface Pattern Design is the process of making artwork that can be designed to repeat in a specific pattern and then applied onto a manufactured product. The patterns I make can be applied to textiles in home and fashion, onto home decor items like wallpaper or dinnerware and almost any other product's surface. To collaborate with me on a new project by letting me design a collection of patterns for you, please fill in the contact form and let us make art! 

Step 1 - Submit

Fill out the form and submit your request

Step 2 - Meeting

We have our meeting so I can learn more about the direction of your idea and how I can make it come to life

Step 3 - Bringing Your Idea to Life

Using both traditional and digital media, I will create your pattern and deliver the files to you by email, ready to use.

Bringing your idea to life

Creating the pattern by hand

After connecting with you over our first meeting, I follow through with the art direction for your new project. 

Digitalizing the pattern for print

Once the different elements of the artwork have been finalized, I get to work on making different patterns and motifs that would correspond to your desired printed product. 

The design coming to life

We seal the deal when I send you all the artwork files upon completion of the project.