I am Mariska and I am passionate about transforming lives through colour, art and design.

“How?” you might ask….

I work a lot with new home owners to decorate the blank walls of their spaces by making beautiful abstract paintings, commissioned to match the interiors or selected from one of the existing collections. My paintings bring colour, harmony and a new look to the new home, office or redecorated space that they are chosen for. All my paintings are inspired by lush, colourful gardens, floral arrangements and elements of metallic paint that represent sunlight.

I have been painting since 2017, and my paintings have found forever homes in the UK, Ireland, Italy, India, Thailand, Kuwait, the UAE and the USA.

While studying at Domus Academy in Milan, I discovered my love for textiles and pattern design. Over the last five years I have developed my skillset at making patterns for application on textiles and products across home, fashion and stationery.

As a surface and textile pattern designer, I can be commissioned to work with your team to research concepts and make patterns for a new collection.

My passion for surface design knows no bounds and I would like to share my talent with everyone. I am available to host interactive fabric painting workshops. As you connect with your inner artist, you can create your own personalised piece of wearable art!

"Beauty will save the world"

-Fyodor Dostoevsky

"Creativity takes courage"

-Henri matisse